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  • Great starter mouthpiece
  • Form fits in seconds
  • Ideal for 13 years old and above
  • Color: Clear
  • Bestselling stretching machine in the US for over a decade
  • It is durable given its safety-coated steel frame, yet comfortable with its cushioned seat, cushioned handle and cushioned leg barriers.
  • Quiet hand crank is location in front of user for convenience and comfort
  • Allows for a full spread: perfect for athletes and advanced users
  • Compact design perfect for tight spaces 
  • The Versys VS.BOB is the most versatile body opponent bag in the industry.
  • Ideal for multiple martial art styles such as taekwondo, karate, wing chun and kung fu.
  • Perfect for offensive strikes including inside/outside leg kicks, groin strikes, targeted punches, kicks, elbow and knee attacks.
  • Fully functional BOB torso and head with simulated arms to practice defensive blocking, deflecting and redirecting punches.
  • Sand weighted base provides additional stability.
  • Century Versys VS.1 is a versatile punching bag that can be used as a grappling dummy as well.
  • The VS1 is ideal for cardio, speed and endurance bag workout.
  • This 100-lb bag's small base (18.5 inch diameter) provides more striking surface for high and low kick and knees and elbows attacks. It is light enough to be thrown down for some ground and pound action.
  • The bag is made of thick foam padding with vinyl cover for durability.

  • Wavemaster® is made of tough vinyl covering and high-density foam padding ideal for daily workouts
  • The rounded base that fills with sand or water offers stability and allows for easy relocation.
  • Its height is adjustable from 47 inches to 68 inches (from floor to top of the bag) of high impact kicks and punches at different heights.
2-3 Days
  • Wavemaster® 2XL PRO is made of high-density foam padding for high intensity workouts.
  • It has an advanced integrated locking mechanism that secures the bag to the base.
  • The rounded base that fills with sand or water stability and allows for easy roll relocation.
  • The small footprint of the ergonomically-designed base allows for unimpeded stance.